Iron Powder Core

Iron powder core is a soft ferromagnetic material based on pure iron or carbonyl iron powder; mixed with binding material and pressed to form.The surface is coated with insulation material. Iron powder core has a high magnetic flux density (14000Gs), so it will not saturated under high magnetic field. It has a very good DC superimposed characteristic. The price is lowest amongst all metal family cores due to its simple and easy to build property. It is the most widely used material in metal family cores. By using different binding materials, it can be classified into common iron powder core and HTC200 high temperature iron powder core.

Iron Powder Cores is a magnetic cores which the content of Fe is about 99%, after surface insulation coating then mixed pressed with binder. According to different binders be used, it also can be divided to two kinds, Iron Powder Cores and HTC200 Iron Power Cores.

Because the magnetic core is the product with high density, any incorrect handling or collision may result in core damage, if the core first hit a hard surface, core surface coating would crack or chip. Magnetic powder core than other products of the company, general cargo box weight in 15-20kg, stored when not folded over 5 boxes of goods, in order to avoid crushing bottom cargo. Because the magnetic core has a uniform air gap distribution, so that the magnetic core can not be stored electrostatic charge, so electrostatic release on the core effect, need not worry too much about. Magnetic powder core should be stored in the oil, solvent, dirt, dust and acid liquid. Especially the surface without protective layer of the magnetic core, such as type E, type I, type U, type, tubular. Storage should fully consider the moisture and rain protection, storage time not too long, we propose to use the front storage period do not open the original product packaging, to prevent the corrosion product.