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Attending APEC America 2015


  From March 14 to 19 in Charlotte, NC, USA, people from all over the world gathered for APEC 2015. We were proud that we were one of the exhibitors. This was our sixth year to attend this international conference. We enjoyed welcoming lots of engineers, specialists.

  APEC is short for Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition which holds in March in America every year. APEC has established itself as the leading power electronics conference and exposition and also evolved as an annual get-together for applied power electronics professionals for knowledge exchange and networking.

  At our booth, we had a product demonstration, Sendust, Si-Fe, Nanodust (KAM/KAH), KW, Super Sendust Cores and so on. Many experts and engineers in this field showed a strong interest in our products, they all came to our booth to communicate with us and exchange ideas. Our Technical Sales Manager Alan made a presentation about introducing Nanodust Core (KAM/KAH) in the meeting room. Nanodust Core (KAM/KAH) is new type of magnetic material applied to titanium power supply. It is a low cost solution to replace MPP, High Flux. After the presentation, many engineers and experts had a heated discussion with Alan, and they all had a keen desire to further understand this new product.

  After attending this exhibition, we expanded our KDM overseas brand recognition, reinforced the technical communication with the overseas technical personnel, and had a better understanding of the latest market demand. We will continue to attend this exhibition next year.