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Annual Dinner Party of Zhejiang NBTM KEDA Magnetoelectricity Co., Ltd


On February 8, 2015, we held an Annual Dinner Party at a local hotel and the party was kicked off at 4:30pm. General Manager Mr. Ke Xin made a warmly speech to give his thanks to all the staff especially to those who are far away from their hometown but devote themselves to the forefront of production. Then, the performance was kicked-started. Dance, song, skit comedy…wonderful programs one after another were presented to all the staff. Especially to deserve to be mentioned, all these wonderful programs were all performed by our own staff. The hotel was bustling with applause and excitement.

In 2014, we joined NBTM family. It was a milestone to us. Challenges and opportunities will be in front of us in the coming year, while we believe every NBTM Keda staff will face them with our courage, confidence and hard-working. Let us wish NBTM Keda will have a beautiful future.