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Attending Magnetic Component Application Technology of Solar Inverter and Electronic Vehicle Charging Station Seminar


On 9th, January 2015, Alan (Technical Sales Manager, KDM Hong Kong Office) attended the Magnetic Component Application 

Technology Seminar (Shanghai) of Solar Inverter and Electronic Vehicle Charging Station with the other four colleagues.

 During the seminar, the attendees had a heated discussion about the solar inverter and electronic vehicle charging station. 

As a professional magnetic powder core products manufacturer in China, Alan, on behalf of our company made a speech to 

introduce a new generation of metal alloy powder core and our company development trend in the near future. And his brilliant 

presentation was praised by all the attendees. Meanwhile, we had a product display on the site. Many specialists and engineers 

come to our booth for further discussion as well as inquiries about the new products with our onsite staff, and all had a strong 

interest in them for future new project development.