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Ultra Flux core Suppliers

ZheJiang KeDa Magnetoelectricity Co., Ltd is a Ultra Flux core Suppliers
The use of the Ultra Flux core
Magnetic ring that we usually see in one or both ends of the electronic equipment, power line or signal line is the common mode choke. The common mode choke forming a large impedance to common mode interference currents, but did not affect the differential mode signal (operating signal for the differential-mode signal), so the use of simple and do not consider the problem of signal distortion. And the common mode choke coil does not require grounding, and can be directly applied to the cable. The number of turns of the toroid whole bundle cable through a ferrite bead to constitute a common-mode choke, needed cable in the bead above a few turns around. The more turns, the better the effect of suppressing the low frequency interference, while the weak high frequency noise suppression. In the actual project, based on the frequency characteristics of the interference current to adjust the number of turns of the toroid. Usually wider, when the frequency band of the interference signal on the cable the two sets of toroid, each magnetic surround a different number of turns, so that while suppressing high-frequency interference and low frequency interference.
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