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TAF200 Manufacturers

ZheJiang KeDa Magnetoelectricity Co., Ltd is a  TAF200 Manufacturers
TAF200 having a high saturation magnetic flux density, and therefore can be difficult to saturation under the large magnetizing field
Having a high magnetic permeability C. the magnetic good stability (low temperature resistance, a large current. Noise)
Its application: EMC switching power supply and the resonant circuit, and the best selection of products, especially suitable for active PFC inductor and switch power output choke.
The number of turns of the toroid options:
The whole bundle of cable through a ferrite bead to constitute a common mode choke coil necessary, the cable can also be in the magnet above a few turns around the more turns, the low frequency interference suppression effect the better, and the high frequency noise suppression is weak. adjust the number of turns of the toroid in the actual project, according to the frequency characteristics of the interference current. usually when the wide band of the interference signal cable sets two toroid, each magnetic surrounded by a different number of turns, can suppress high-frequency interference and low frequency interference. Judging from the common mode choke mechanism, the greater the resistance, the more obvious effects of interference suppression. common mode choke impedance from the common mode inductance Lcm = jwLcm, is not difficult to see from the formula, the the toroid inductor bigger the better for a certain frequency noise, but the reality is not the case, because the actual magnetic ring on the parasitic capacitance, its presence is parallel with the inductance when the high-frequency interference signal is encountered, to the capacitance is small, the short-circuit inductance of the toroid so that the common mode choke coil ineffective.
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