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Soft Magnetic Powder core Suppliers

ZheJiang KeDa Magnetoelectricity Co., Ltd is a Soft Magnetic Powder core Suppliers
Soft magnetic powder core is a soft magnetic material, it is a soft magnetic material made of metal or alloy powder, through a special process to produce a core metal called soft magnetic powder cores, or more confusionexact: as called powder core, iron powder core. powder cores metal powder cores. cored or powder cores by definition is the magnetic powder cores. NdFeB based alloy powder production core, but itis a permanent magnet material. Similarly, the ferrite bead and the hard magnetic ferrite cores are produced by the magnetic powder, if simple metal soft magnetic core as is the magnetic powder of the magnetic material to do so, these materials can beclassified as a class, called cored or powder cores. Similarly, the metal powder cores called inaccurate, alnico permanent magnet materials can be made into a powder cores, so, it is defined as the metal softthe powder cores so called both exact. explicitly its soft magnetic properties, and are not easily confused with other materials.
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