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Soft Magnetic Manufacturers

ZheJiang KeDa Magnetoelectricity Co., Ltd is a Soft Magnetic Manufacturers
Types of common Soft Magnetic:
Iron cobalt nickel three ferromagnetic elements constitute the basic elements of the magnetic material.
Press (the main component of magnetic characteristics. Products morphological classification of structural features):
(1) powder core categories: powder cores, ferrite cores include: iron powder core the cored Sendust. Flux cored (High Flux) permalloy alloy powder core (MPP).
(2) with around the core: silicon steel sheet. Permalloy alloy. Amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys
Soft magnetic materials commonly used in magnetic energy parameters
Saturation magnetic flux density Bs: its size depends on the composition of the material, it corresponds to the physical state of the magnetization vector of the material inside the neatly arranged.
Residual magnetic flux density Br: the characteristic parameters of the hysteresis loop, H B value back to 0:00.
Squareness ratio: Br / Bs
Coercivity Hc: shows the material magnetization easiness of amount, depending on the material composition and the defects (impurities. Stress, etc.).
The magnetic permeability μ: any point corresponding to the ratio of the B and H hysteresis loop, and is closely related to the working status of the device.
Initial permeability μi. Maximum permeability μm in. Differential permeability μd. Amplitude permeability μA. Effective permeability μe. Pulsed magnetic permeability μP.
Tc: Curie temperature of the magnetization of the ferromagnetic substance with increasing temperature decreases and reaches a certain temperature, the spontaneous magnetization disappears, change is paramagnetic, the critical temperature to the Curie temperature, it determines the maximum temperature of the magnetic devices work .
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