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Sendust Core is a low loss and relatively high saturation (10500 gauss) material, it is very suitable in the power factor correction circuit, and a one-way drive applications, such as a pulse transformer and the flyback transformer, due to the proximity of zero magneticelectrostriction the sendust is the best choice to eliminate line noise filter inductor audible frequency noise. the powder cores sendust composition of containing 85% iron (Fe), 9% silicon (Si), and6% aluminum powder (Al), and has a high energy storage, as well as high temperature performance and stability advantages.
The advantages:
A. having a high saturation magnetic flux density, it can be difficult to saturation in a larger magnetization field
B. C. having a high magnetic permeability magnetic properties and good stability (low temperature resistance, a large current noise)
Its application: EMC switching power supply and the resonant circuit, and the best selection of products, especially suitable for active PFC inductor and switch power output choke.
Sendust powder cores with distributed air gap, particularly suitable for energy storage in the switching power supply filter inductor, because of its high BS values ​​and low loss, the permeability of the iron core and iron with the same volume. oxygen as compared with a higher energy storage capacity, and therefore widely used in the rotary transformer. pulse transformer power factor correction circuit (PFC), because of its stable performance at high temperature, can be compared to the volume of the iron powder cores smaller, also useful for alternative iron powder core in the transformer. noise through large AC voltage, zero magnetostriction characteristics, noise can also be used to filter inductor.
The powder cores Sendust generally coated black.
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