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Sendust core Manufacturers

ZheJiang KeDa Magnetoelectricity Co., Ltd is a Sendust core Manufacturers,KDM is a professional magnetic powder core products manufacturer in China.
Sendust core has excellent drift characteristics, high saturation magnetic induction, energy storage capacity, and temperature stability. Mainly used for high-current power inductors, PFC circuit inductor, smoothing choke.
The sendust toroid inductor applications:
1 power inductors, such as computer motherboard
2 power factor correction, power supply
Common mode filter, such as a mobile phone charger
4 current regulation, such as lighting transformer dimmer
5 brief oscillator, such as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
6 choke ring, such as a variety of household appliances control panel
7 differential mode filter, such as a strong industrial board
8 chokes, such as speed motor control equipment
Sendust toroid inductor introduced:
A sendust toroid inductor component is: AL5.4%. Si9.6%. Balance iron.
2 Sendust toroid inductor Curie temperature above 410 degrees, the operating temperature range of -50 to +200 degrees
3 Sendust toroid inductor current is superimposed on a good performance, low iron loss, negative temperature coefficient
The 4 sendust toroid inductor initial permeability μi following Draw: μе26.μе60.μе75.μе90.μе125.
Inductance AL
Inductance is the self-inductance of each turn of the coil core
Formula L as the amount of the self-inductance of the core coil (unit: H), and N as the number of coil turns.
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