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Sendust Powder core Wholesalers

ZheJiang KeDa Magnetoelectricity Co., Ltd is a Sendust Powder core Wholesalers
The composition of the Sendust Powder core contain 85% iron (Fe), and 9% silicon (Si), and 6% aluminum powder (Al), and has a high energy storage, as well as high temperature performance and stability advantages.
Compared with the gap ferrite 10,500 gauss saturation sendust provide higher energy storage capacity, and smaller in size compared with the E-shaped gap ferrite, sendust not only competitive prices, and its uniform distributed air gap can also eliminate the problem of the gap loss ferrite. sendust have very low core losses, and the contrast with the E-shaped iron core superior heat resistance.
The sendust is a low loss and relatively high saturation (10,500 gauss), a material that is very suitable for the power factor correction circuit, and a one-way drive applications, such as a pulse transformer and the flyback transformer, due to nearly zero magnetostriction, the sendust eliminate audible frequency noise in the line noise filters and inductors.
The Sendust powder cores, internationally known as the sendust powder cores or called KoolM piece powder cores.
Energy shortage situation in the world, a new type of electronic energy-saving materials Sendust powder cores are quietly rising, this material performance than iron powder core. Ferrite power saving up to 30% or more.
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