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Powder core Manufacturers

ZheJiang KeDa Magnetoelectricity Co., Ltd is a Powder core Manufacturers
The Powder core used:
Judging from the mechanism of the common mode choke role, the greater the resistance, the more obvious the effect of interference suppression. Moreover, the impedance of the common mode choke coil from the common mode inductance Lcm = jwLcm, from the formula is not difficult to be seen, for a certain frequency of the noise, the better the greater the inductance of the toroid. But the reality is not the case, because the actual magnetic ring on the parasitic capacitance, its existence is in parallel with the inductance. When the high-frequency interference signals, the capacitance of the capacitor is small, the toroid inductor short circuit, so that the common mode choke useless. Can be selected based on the frequency of the interference signal characteristics of the nickel-zinc ferrite or Mn-Zn ferrite, the high frequency characteristics of the former over the latter. Mn-Zn ferrite permeability in thousands --- Wan, nickel zinc ferrite hundreds --- thousands. The higher the permeability of the ferrite, its low frequency impedance when the greater the smaller the impedance at high frequencies. So, suppress high frequency interference, nickel-zinc ferrite should be chosen; vice versa with the Mn-Zn ferrite. Or at the same time put in with a bunch of cables on manganese-zinc and nickel-zinc ferrite, so you can suppress interference band wide. The greater the difference of the inner and outer diameters of the magnetic loop, vertical height of the greater, the greater its resistance, but the magnetic ring inside diameter must bear in packet cable, to avoid magnetic leakage. Toroid installation location should be as close as possible to the source of interference, and that should be close to the import and export of cables.
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