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Powder Flux core Manufacturers

ZheJiang KeDa Magnetoelectricity Co., Ltd is a Powder Flux core Manufacturers
Powder Flux core are distributed air gap has a lot of good magnetic properties - high resistance, low hysteresis and eddy current losses, excellent inductance stability under conditions of DC and AC. US magnetic powder core material without using an organic binder, and therefore, there will not occur when using iron powder core thermal aging.
What is the advantage of the distributed air gap materials?
All magnetic powder core materials are applicable to the inductor, but different materials have different advantages. Molypermalloy require extremely low loss inductor, should be used, because it is the lowest loss. For the DC bias as the leading and requires a small size design, the High Flux cores should be used with the highest magnetic flux. Reasonably low magnetic loss and high saturation in low cost, you should use sendust Kool M?? Cost-effective because the cost. Iron-silicon alloys XFLux? Provides a more economical use of high saturation (1.6T) in the low-frequency inductors and chokes applications. The high saturation conducive inductance load design is a critical application.
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