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Neu Flux core Manufacturers

ZheJiang KeDa Magnetoelectricity Co., Ltd is a Neu Flux core Manufacturers
Neu Flux core features:
1. Highest saturation magnetic induction, can reach more than 14000 gauss, so you can work in the large current without saturation, and also it has the most excellent DC superposition characteristic;
2 good temperature stability, a high mechanical strength, very good magnetic permeability frequency characteristic;
Permeability range, to meet different application requirements;
4. Products shape only ring (too much pressure molding process, and therefore can only ring);
5 has a good temperature characteristic, can be in the range of -55-200 ℃ normal work;
6 small temperature coefficient;
High energy storage density;
Raw materials for Fe.Ni, the price is high.
Its most excellent DC superposition characteristics, which is the most suitable material of the superimposed low frequency signal component of the DC filter inductor and a DC filter inductor;
Single-ended flyback transformer (5k-50kHz, particularly suitable for low voltage high current single-ended flyback transformer), pure inductor (DC-100kHz). EMI filter inductor (DC-300kHz). Energy storage inductor (DC-100kHz ).
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