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ZheJiang KeDa Magnetoelectricity Co., Ltd is a Nanodust core Suppliers
Nanodust core is a nano-crystalline metal material (iron-based) as the matrix material, a composite with other nano powder (such as nano-TiO2), in strict accordance with a certain size and configuration requirements of forming a nano-composite material corethe product has a high saturation magnetic induction and low iron loss and high initial permeability characteristics of low coercivity, can be replaced by silicon steel core of the the permalloy. ferrite traditional soft magnetic materials, high-frequency signal conversioncontrol protection. filtering the antijamming. regulator. multiple output voltage regulation function.
 Technical characteristics: This type of material has high permeability, high saturation flux low coercivity low iron loss. Dispersion characteristics, etc., is the world recognized the best overall performance of soft magnetic materials. At present, this material has a very wide field instead of the Co-based amorphous and Fe-based amorphous manufacturing a common mode choke coil. Many of the electrical components of the high frequency switching power supply. High-frequency inverter. Zero-sequence transformer. The same time, this material is also high sensitivity fidelity head performance Magamp other components of the best materials.
Technology roadmap: a single roll prepared Fe-based amorphous soft tape material heat treatment of amorphous materials with magnetic properties to adjust the pre-crushed (high-energy ball milling)  heat treatment and magnetic adjust air smash powder classifier powder surface treatment powder performance testing .
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