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Molypermalloy Powder core Suppliers

ZheJiang KeDa Magnetoelectricity Co., Ltd is a Molypermalloy Powder core Suppliers
Molypermalloy Powder core has many excellent magnetic characteristics, such as high resistivity, low hysteresis and eddy current losses, or a high DC bias conditions of the high DC magnetization, and the minimum inductance is transferred to 2000 gauss under AC conditions excellentinductance stability. Applications include lift pressure and power factor correction flyback transformer, inductor, line noise filter, high-Q filters and resonant circuits.
The composition of molybdenum permalloy powder cores contain 79% nickel (Ni), 17% iron (Fe), 4% molybdenum alloy powder (Mo), also known as the iron-nickel-molybdenum powder cores, is the beauty of magnetic powder cores lowest magnetic loss material powder cores.
 Molybdenum permalloy lowest magnetic loss US magnetic powder core material, high Curie temperature, permeability changes in the high temperature, high temperature saturation change, reversible effect of temperature, heat aging resistance , mechanical shock and strain resistance, high temperature stability under special applications.
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