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MPP core

MPP core has a smaller power loss and good temperature stability. Designers under the different topology mode power. Voltage, current, frequency applications such conditions different material categories. Different size and different permeabilitythe best choice.
Iron nickel-molybdenum powder cores (MPP) Q value is the highest and the lowest core loss. The MPP molypermalloy powder core temperature performance and alternating current (AC) magnetic flux performance the most stable. Has the widest permeability optional range switching power supply current (DC) output filter inductor selection of materials, in megahertz class of applications is very applicable MPP iron-nickel-molybdenum powder cores are best suited for precision audio tuning circuit, high-Q filtering load coil, radio frequency (RFI) filters and many other precision inductor applications, such as military products, medical equipment and so on.
MPP powder cores are 81% Ni, 2% Mo and 17% Fe powder constitutes the main features are: saturation magnetic induction value in about 7500 gauss magnetic permeability range from 14μ-550μ. Powder cores with the lowest loss. excellent temperature stability. magnetostriction coefficient is close to zero, no noise is generated when the work at different frequencies.
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