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High Flux core Manufacturers

ZheJiang KeDa Magnetoelectricity Co., Ltd  is a High Flux core Manufacturers
High Flux core have optimum bias power high saturation flux density (15,000 gauss) and low core loss characteristics of the high-flux is very suitable for the high-power high-frequency, high DC or AC biasopposed applications as switching regulator inductor, line noise filter, flyback transformers, power factor correction, and a pulse transformer.
High Flux powder cores consisting of 50% nickel and 50% ferro-alloy powder, also known as iron-nickel powder cores compared with the same size and the gap of the magnetic permeability of the ferrite or iron core 15,000 gauss saturation high Flux powder cores offer higher storage energy capacity.
Suitable for application to a variety of energy storage inductor, mainly used in the DC output chokes state input choke power factor correction inductor. Continuous period of flyback inductor. Dimmer chokes and EMI / RFI circuit.
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