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HTC200 Iron Powder core Manufacturers

ZheJiang KeDa Magnetoelectricity Co., Ltd is a HTC200 Iron Powder core Manufacturers
HTC200 Iron Powder core insulation improvements:
For the iron powder in the insulating process of mixing and drying completely insulated, should pay attention to the following two points:
The first surfactant is selected best, insulated first adds a water-soluble iron insulating treatment liquid is mixed with a special mixer. At this time, in the insulating processing solution due to the added interface of the type of active agent the difference can be found differences in inherent resistance to select a surfactant having the lowest contact angle can be obtained the highest level of the intrinsic resistance to this point from the experiment has been fully validated.
The second is a rust inhibitor was added, without adding the anti-rust agent, density. Inherent resistance values are the lowest value when a certain value when the amount of anti-rust agent, the inherent resistance, density also becomes large. the above experimental results show, select optimum surfactant and adding the anti-rust agent, uniform insulating film layer is formed in the surface of the powder core is effective.
Iron core temperature stability:
Use a metal powder having the same composition and electromagnetic steel sheet having a good temperature stability, and the epoxy resin also has excellent stability of the material a composite prepared in a 155 ° C air, for over 1000 hours of testing, did not find the degradation of the material properties.
Iron powder core magnetic noise:
Because the mechanical damping of the magnetic composite material in its structure, and thus the core noise, using a reactor of the ring-shaped ferrite core, having a magnetic composite materials of the same size and shape as well as the inductance reactance is the comparison of the noise characteristics, 500Hz-20KHz sine wave voltage with magnetic composites reactor noise reduced by approximately 10db.
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