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China Si-Fe Powder core

China Si-Fe Powder core is made of a powder magnetic core by 94% Fe, and 6% Si alloy powder. Powder core having a saturation magnetic induction of up to 16,000 gauss, and excellent DC bias characteristic, core loss ratiolow iron powder core, and with no thermal aging problems, particularly suitable for use in large current choke, high-energy storage power inductor PFC inductor in solar energy. wind hybrid cars and other new energy fieldsis widely used currently produces permeability 26μ ~ 90μ, the shape of the ring-type block type cores.
Iron core purity reduced iron powder or hydroxy iron powder through the insulating molding. Manufacturing of various materials in the coated iron powder cores. Iron core saturation flux density values ​​up to 5000 ~ 15000Gs, the ampere-turns up to 200 to 1000 in the high magnetization field is not saturated with good DC superposition stability of its produce simple process, price is the lowest in the various types of metal soft magnetic powder cores generally are able to meet the requirements case, the preferred iron powder core. various types of metal soft magnetic powder cores, using the most popular, the largest amount of a powdered iron cores based on the raw materials used. production arts and Scope
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