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China SUPER-MSS mainly used in power inductor, the AC inductor output inductor. Line filter power factor correction circuit switching power supply, sometimes replacing the air gap ferrite transformer core use
The main features and advantages: in the reduction of the effective permeability of the cores, applying a DC pulse period, uniformly distributed small air gap in the core enables the winding to withstand greater DC component without causing the core saturation; in a wide frequency range having a lower core loss than the existing iron powder core material to have a similar effect in any gauss value, the sendust core temperature rise under the same test conditions are always less than iron half of the powder core, the core loss is only 1/2 to 1/4 of the iron powder ingredients in a high-frequency conditions, they are better than the powdered iron cores and to meet the high-frequency power conversion equipment having a very high efficiency of the inductor demand; can use in 8KHz more frequency saturation magnetic induction in 1.05T about. magnetostriction coefficient is close to zero, to work at a different frequency when no noise generated. higher DC bias than the MPP. having the most good value for money.
It is very suitable for use in the energy storage filter inductor in the switching power supply. 10,500 gauss saturation sendust core to provide a higher energy storage compared with the same size and the gap of the magnetic permeability of the ferrite or iron core, capacity.
Compared with iron powder core, Sendust better performance at high temperatures, some applications, the use Sendust than iron powder core size smaller.
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