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China Pot-Core

China Pot-Core is a member made of a soft magnetic material having a high initial permeability, low loss and stable magnetic characteristics.
The role of the transformer core:
Are generally used transformer core silicon steel sheet made do. Silicon steel is a co silicon (silicon also known as silicon) steel, the silicon content of 0.8 to 4.8%. Done by the silicon steel transformer cores, because silicon itself is a permeable strong magnetic substance, and in an energized coil, it can produce a larger magnetic flux density, which can make the volume reduction of the transformer.
We know that the actual transformer is always working in the exchange state, the power dissipation not only in the resistance of the coil is also generated in the alternating current magnetization of the iron core. The power losses in the core are usually called "iron loss, the iron loss is caused by two reasons, one is the hysteresis loss, an eddy current loss.
The hysteresis loss is proportional to the size of the area surrounded by the core generated due to the presence of hysteresis in the magnetization process, the iron loss, this loss is the size and materials of the hysteresis loop. Silicon Steel narrow hysteresis loop, the core of the transformer to do with it hysteresis loss is small, it can greatly reduce its heating degree.
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