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China Magnetic powder core

China Magnetic powder core is made by ferromagnetic particles and an insulating medium mixed repression of a soft magnetic material for use in high frequency due to the small ferromagnetic particles (0.5-5 microns), but also by non-magnetic material of the electrically insulating film spaceropen, therefore, on the one hand, can be isolated from eddy current, the materials are suitable for the higher frequencies. the other hand, due to the effect of the gap between the particles, resulting in the material having a low magnetic permeability, and the constant permeability characteristics. also, due to the small particle size does not substantially occurphenomenon of the skin, permeability variation with frequency is also more stable and is mainly used for high-frequency inductor. magnetic and electric properties of the powder cores depends mainly on the permeability of the granule material the size and shape of the particles. their fill factorcontent of the insulating medium. molding pressure and heat treatment process used powder cores with iron powder core. permalloy alloy cored and cored three sendust. calculated as of the effective permeability μe core inductor: μe = DL/4N2S × 109 where: D for the average core diameter (cm) the L inductance (shared), N is the winding turns, S is the core effective cross-sectional area (cm2).
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