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China Fe-Si-Al-Ni Powder core

China Fe-Si-Al-Ni Powder core production process is as follows:
Alloy smelting --- the mechanical crushing --- annealing --- Insulation coated --- molding --- heat treatment --- reinforcement --- surface spray paint.
Preparing a sample of the powder:
For (A) with the chemical composition of 200kg vacuum induction furnace 9.5% Si.5.5% Al, the balance being substantially Fe: (B) 9.0% Si, 5.0% Al, the balance being Fe. Poured into ingots in vacuo, the alloy casting into the ball mill milling spindles crusher protection heat treatment of pure hydrogen. then press the -100 mesh to +120 mesh, -120 mesh and +200 mesh, -200 mesh and +325 mesh and -325 mesh points sieve to prepare manufacture of different permeability μe particle size ratio.
Manufacture of powder cores samples:
The above powder size was carried out, depending on the magnetic permeability of different particle size, and then the powder surface chemical treatment (passivation), add insulating agent internal lubricants and mold release agents, molding the OD Φ26.92mm inner diameter Ø14. 70 mm. height of the annular sample of 11.18 mm, the heat treatment is carried out under the protection of nitrogen, to eliminate suppress stress and magnetic properties can be adjusted, but also for the reinforcement treatment (infiltration) in the combination of epoxy and phenolic resins, and spraying the surface resistance to 200 ° C. modified epoxy resin paint, so that the sample surface insulation.
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