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Alloy Powder core Manufacturers

ZheJiang KeDa Magnetoelectricity Co., Ltd is a Alloy Powder core Manufacturers,company always focus on offering our customers high-quality products and excellent service.
Alloy powder core with a high quality factor and low loss at high frequency. Inexpensive, with a wide range of applications in the high-frequency inductor core.
In this experiment, Fe78Si9B13 amorphous strip as raw material, amorphous powders by mechanical crushing and airflow broken into, pressed into powder cores using powder metallurgy process. While the use of scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Means of modern analytical X-ray diffraction analysis, differential thermal analysis , the law of the preparation process parameters on the magnetic permeability of the of amorphous Fe78Si9B13 powder cores. magnetic quality factor. loss can affect research conclusions are as follows: mechanical crushing method of powder particle morphology sheet polygonal shape and long shape, and there are a lot of sharp corners. powder particle morphology airflow broken law round sheet, smooth edge. airflow crushing obtained powder magnetic powder cores prepared better, is amorphous with pulverizing suitable crushing method After passivation, the surface of the magnetic particles to generate a layer of phosphate film. passivation agent can make the frequency characteristics of the powder cores become more stable, the loss is reduced to improve the quality factor. insulation coating powder cores critical process of preparation. insulation agent added to reduce eddy current loss powder cores, improve the quality factor; too much insulation agent will, in turn, a larger proportion of the non-magnetic material powder cores, reducing its permeability; optimum viscosity caking agent added in an amount of 3.5%. the appropriate magnetic powder particle size ratio can effectively improve the permeability powder cores, to reduce wear and tear. experiment optimum particle size ratio of 60%: -100 to +150 mesh, -150 ~ +200 mesh, 10% and accounted for 10% -200 to +250 mesh, -250 to +320 mesh accounted for 20% of heat treatment on the performance of the powder cores significantly increasing annealing temperature can effectively increase the permeability of the amorphous powder cores rate, reduce losses; annealing temperature is too high amorphous magnetic powder diffraction and generate less conductive, non-magnetic phase, but also destroy the insulation coating effect of the agent, reducing the performance of the powder cores; optimal annealing temperature was 400 ℃, time is 1 hour.
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